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Save Money

Blue365 offers members discounts from many big-name companies.
Primary care doctors know your history and keep track of your records.
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$29 Gym Membership

Access more than 10,000 participating fitness locations nationwide.
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Blue365 Discounts

Get exclusive access to discounts on fitness gear, Lasik surgery and more.
Primary Care Doctor

Primary Care Doctor

Learn about the benefits of choosing a primary care doctor.

Earn Cash Back with PayForward

You can earn cash back by shopping with PayForward, a member exclusive!
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Quality Blue Primary Care

Get affordable access to quality healthcare.
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Choose the Right Care

Make the most of your healthcare dollars.

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Lower Your Drug Costs

Read about the different ways you can save money on prescriptions.


Preventive Care

Seeing a doctor before you get sick can save you from costly treatments later.

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Compare Costs with SmartShopper

See the costs of common medical procedures based on price and location.

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Protect Your Identity

Eligible Blue Cross members get free identity protection services from AllClear.

Check Your Personal Health Statement Video

It's a good idea to read your statement at to find out how much you owe so that you don't overpay a medical bill.