Producer FAQs

Log in to our commission system to view your statements.

The first time you access your online commission statements, you should use the login information below. This set password will not apply if you have already logged on and changed your information. Please contact Broker Services for more information.

  • Login is your producer number
  • Password is your producer number plus “blue.” For example, 12345blue.
  • If you have never logged in, you may need your password reset. Please contact Broker Services for assistance.

If you have not been set up to view commissions online, you should contact Broker Services to receive a Computer Access Form. You should complete and sign the form then return it to to gain access to the online commissions site.

First, carefully review your online commission statement. Keep in mind that the statement lists all policies or groups that were paid to your producer number and all policies and groups that did not submit premium for the month in question.

If you find that there is a policy or group that is not showing on your statement AT ALL (as either paying premium or not paying premium), you should submit a list of these cases along with a request for review to Your e-mail should include your producer number and all policy and/or group numbers in question. The BCBSLA commissions department can not research a generic complaint and must receive a detailed list of missing commissions.

Your commissions are based only on premium payments that have posted during the statement period. You will not receive a commission on a premium payment until it has been posted by accounting.